Who we are

Fog Arts is an independent record label based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our specialisation is contemporary jazz, released exclusively on digital platforms for downloading and streaming. At the moment, we don’t do CDs or vinyl, and we don’t commission new recordings. What we’re focused on is reissuing previoCD line-up no Sittelusly released music for which the artist has been able to get back his or her rights and can then give us a licence.

Fog Arts’ roster of artists currently comprises the pianists Jan Lundgren (Sweden) and Emil Viklicky (Czech Republic).

We like it that a majority of the albums in our catalogue are works which, before Fog Arts came along, could no longer be obtained in Fog Arts logo 1either physical or digital formats. Why? Because the original record company went out of business, quietly disappeared for some other reason, or it simply gave up caring about the musician or band it was representing.

If any of those scenarios sounds familiar to you as an artist, please do contact us. We’re very interested in hearing from contemporary jazz musicians who’ve been abandoned or otherwise neglected by their labels. And if you’re a digitally-minded fan of good music who’s looking for a quick, no-nonsense way of revisiting some great ‘forgotten’ material, please support us by downloading an album or two, streaming our tracks, and telling your friends about what Fog Arts does.

GuyGuy Jones

Founder & General Manager

Last updated: 26 November 2020